Crafting comfort and style, one stitch at a time. Elevate your wardrobe with our premium-quality t-shirts.

Duxsy is a Leading Premium Quality Apparel Manufacturer In Tiruppur.

Duxsy Apparel isn't just another manufacturer; we are the architects of comfort, style, and quality. With a passion for crafting garments that speak volumes, we stand as a beacon of innovation in the world of fashion. Our commitment lies in blending creativity with precision engineering, ensuring that each stitch tells a story of excellence.

Our Products

Premium Plain Roundneck Tshirt

Classic round neck t-shirts: timeless comfort meets effortless style.

Premium Plain Polo Tshirts

Polo t-shirts: epitome of casual sophistication with a sporty flair. Effortlessly versatile, they blend comfort and style for any occasion, from leisure to semi-formal.

Explore The Cotton Tshirts

Cotton t-shirts: Soft, breathable, and endlessly versatile, our cotton tees offer unmatched comfort and effortless style for everyday wear. Crafted from premium cotton fabrics, they provide a perfect blend of durability and comfort, ensuring you feel great all day long.

Explore The Process of Manufacturing Tshirts​

1. **Designing:** T-shirt designs are created, considering style, color, and graphics.

2. **Getting Materials:** Cotton fabric and other materials like threads and dyes are gathered.

3. **Cutting:** Fabric is cut into pieces based on the design.

4. **Printing/Stitching:** Designs are printed or embroidered onto the fabric, and pieces are stitched together to make the t-shirt.

5. **Checking Quality:** T-shirts are checked for any defects.

6. **Adding Labels and Packing:** Size tags and care labels are added, and the shirts are packed for shipping.

7. **Shipping:** Finished t-shirts are sent to stores or customers.